PPC instead of SEO
5 Ways to Ignore SEO – And How That Can Affect Your Sales

5 ways to ignore SEO


While it is possible to do business today without actively taking care of SEO, there are no benefits. Rather, a huge monetary potential remains unused and in addition, you expose your company to some risks that would not be necessary.

Anyone who has ever tried to search engine optimization To argue with or to exchange with colleagues, coworkers or the boss over it has come sooner or later surely one or the other objection: “SEO is too unpredictable”, “Search engine optimization takes much too long” or “PPC is much better”, The biggest misconception that has almost become a myth by now is that the financial benefits of SEO are not as clear and clear as it is with social media or PPC. But far from it – anyone who is familiar with SEO, also knows that the benefits of search engine optimization are very measurable. In many cases, the use of SEO is also much cheaper than any action with social media or PPC.

But despite this continuing ignorance, many companies seem to have understood. As early as 2016, Borrell and Associates predicted that the SEO industry would achieve sales of just under $ 80 billion a year by 2020. Well, if that’s nothing.

With a well thought out an SEO strategy, your business will be able to bring more qualified traffic to your website. With high-quality content that is tailored to the needs of your customers or target audience, you can achieve a much higher conversion rate. But all that should already be known. However, anyone who consistently ignores the topic of SEO loses not only a few sales or potential customers here and there. The whole thing can have a bigger financial impact than you would like.


Here are 5 such cases that can negatively impact company numbers:

1. PPC instead of SEO

It has been repeatedly tried to debate the debate over SEO. PPC by calculating final conversion rates for both areas. While many of these studies provide valuable and interesting insights into paid traffic and organic traffic, there are still a number of variables that can not be captured with a simple percentage.

Let’s just take the fact that an SEO-optimized website with the right keywords could appeal to people in different phases of Sales Funnel – from education to product pages. PPC campaigns are more likely to send leads directly to a sales page. Although PPC may often have a higher conversion rate than SEO, PPC is also much more closely meshed. SEO is different: search engine optimization has a much larger network and allows you and your company to reach potential customers when they are just starting to make their first searches for their possible purchase.

2. Neglect or misuse lucrative niches

One would think that optimization on a few highly frequented terms in the respective niche is sufficient. But far from it! SEO is more! One of the most important factors of SEO is to understand and understand the (potential) customer’s thinking process.

Some time ago, a colleague of mine took care of optimizing the website of a motorhome rental in Cologne. The company initially wanted to create a website for people who want to rent campers in Cologne. After a short keyword research, it became clear that there was little or no traffic on Cologne-specific terms. Instead, the high-traffic terms all focused on the state. Although this makes only a small difference for many, this small but subtle difference, the company could have even just cost decent sales.

3. Risk Factor Google Updates

After Google updated its core algorithm in August 2018 (also known as the “Medic” update), there were numerous reports of devastating traffic losses, especially in health and wellness. Some webmasters even though that incident had destroyed their business.

Of course, it’s still impossible to predict exactly how Google’s algorithmic updates will affect ranking, but adherence to SEO best practices can prevent the worst.

After the first damage had been dealt with, it quickly became clear what had been missing the worst affected websites: “EAV”! Say expertise, authority and above all trustworthiness. Web sites focused on creating quality content and building authority and trust among users had a more robust SEO strategy and could significantly reduce the risk of potential traffic or revenue collapse.

4. Careless redesign of websites

For many, it sounds surprising, but today there are still companies that hire agencies and / or developers to reshape their website or similar, without any idea of ​​SEO. We can not count how many times we’ve been involved in redesigning an Internet site that has been catastrophic: the site was created entirely in JavaScript, or there were serious technical bugs that were incorporated and later punished by Google, In such cases, it is expected that we will sprinkle in a few keywords here and there, ensuring a flawless ranking. Um, yes …

Performing a redesign without an SEO professional or SEO consultant would be like asking Google to take your ranking away from you – and therefore your sales and income!

5. Lack of credibility and trust

It is now pretty obvious that there is a direct link between organic traffic and sales. If you continue to ignore SEO and pretend that you do not need all the search engine stuff, you will miss many benefits that can be of great use to your business. For example, it is also known that “organic listings” are far more credible than paid listings. If you appear on the front page of your industry on Google and still dominate there, that is an excellent PR, which also reinforces the perception of the users, that your company has the exact know-how and authority that the Consumers are looking for.

So, if you continue to ignore SEO and your site barely or not at all appear in organic listings, this fact can lead to mistrust among consumers and potential customers. Even the conversion rate of your PPC ads can be negatively affected.

Our conclusion:

Certainly it is possible to run a business without considering SEO. It may even be possible for you to succeed. By ignoring SEO and ignoring it almost completely, you can easily exclude even higher sales – as well as success. In the meantime, your competition could recognize, use and easily pass this potential.

With a sound SEO strategy, you can minimize the risks of a potential decline in revenue while maximizing your footprint on the web! With SEO, you have the most lucrative opportunities that you can take advantage of for your business.

And believe us, your sales will thank you!