3,200 changes were made to the algorithm
Google: Last year, 3,200 changes were made to the algorithm

As Google always makes changes to the algorithm, it is important for site operators to constantly work to improve their site. On Monday, Google said in a blog post that last year alone, 3,200 changes were made to the algorithm. This should make the search results even more relevant to users and user information immediately visible at a glance.

Some time ago, the company announced that it would make several changes per day. The fact that it has now reached 3,200 in a year suggests that a lot of changes have been made to the algorithm during the day. Google said that the search algorithms are mathematical equations that are very complex and based on several hundred variables.

In comparison, only 350 to 400 changes were made in 2009. That would have been about a change on the day, said Matt Cutts of Google. Based on the fact that several thousand changes have now been made per year, it is easy to see how much the group has driven the algorithm change.

3,200 changes were made to the algorithm

What kind of changes is it?

Google’s changes have been different. Obviously this is a mix of UI changes and ranking. According to Google, the changes were used to make the search results relevant to users and to adapt to changes on the Internet. This has been achieved through regular updates and visibly new features. Also, the changes allegedly resolved issues that Google had discovered through external reports or its own quality checks.

Unlike changes to the Knowledge Panel or automated proposals, far-reaching changes, such as the excerpts of the search results, take more time: “Unlike search capabilities, where we can quickly fix issues that violate our policies It can sometimes take some time to identify the cause of ranking issues and improvements can not happen right away, “Google said.

What do these changes mean for webmasters

What do these changes mean for webmasters?

In the field of search engine optimization you can always count on one thing: changes. For that reason, as an SEO, you should not wait inactively and think that the rankings will stay as they are. Google will continue to make algorithmic updates to improve. To keep Google’s rankings high, site owners must adapt to the changes.