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6 Best Strategies for Link building

Strategies for Link building

Since there are SEO, the conditions and factors that need to be considered for a page to work well, are constantly changing. There are always new things that need to be kept in mind so that search engines prefer certain websites and display them at the top of the search list. The different ways and means that can be taken to improve the ranking come and go. But there is a very special strategy that seems to have worked itself out so far and has proven to be successful: Linkbuilding, that is, the link building between several pages.

Link building is still one of the most important factors when it comes to ensuring that a page works extremely well, be it on Google or other search engines. Google, in particular, would not say directly that link building is one of the most important and important tools for an equally good ranking, but analysis and recording strongly suggest that this is true!

But there are also some challenges that have to be overcome in the field of link building in order to achieve the best possible results. It is not so much about spamming pages with links, but really useful links where they make sense. The search engines know this and can now distinguish spam from other links. This is simply because they have evolved, which means that strategies and techniques that worked in 2014 or 2015 are no longer necessarily promising.

We got to the bottom of the whole topic and compiled for you the 6 best link building strategies that work especially well today and in the future.

Strategy 1: Link building through linkbait

Link building through linkbait

Search engines place a high value on the user-friendliness that your content offers to users. They also make it clear that this ease-of-use is one of the factors that determines which page is rated by them. So how can you create useful content and at the same time receive as many references as possible?

You can design your content in the form of listicles or infographics. Even better results can be achieved by a combination of both. Even the preparation of statistics can be useful.

We have some tips for you on how to achieve your goal quickly and effectively:

  • Find a topic that might be interesting for your target audience.
  • You should also make sure that the content is focused on a specific topic and is not about all sorts of topics.
  • Make sure that all studies and data you provide are backed up accordingly.
  • Because you create a linkable asset, ease of use and added value is an absolute must! Arrange all data and facts in such a way that they can easily be copied, quoted or taken as a reference.

Once you’re done with your content, it’s time for the link building process. Talk about relevant blogs and publications in your niche. Once you’ve built the first links, you’ll gradually start linking to your content. To ensure this process does not stop, keep your content updated regularly to keep it up-to-date.

Strategy 2: Guest Articles

Guest Articles

Matt Cutts, an American software developer who worked at Google, once predicted the end of guest articles with the words “stick a fork in it.” Guest articles on various blogs were considered by Google to be one of the best methods of generating links and attracting visitors. But what about today? Is the writing of guest articles actually snow of yesterday? Not at all! Do you know what has happened since Matt Cutts testified? On the one hand, he no longer works on Google and on the other hand, guest articles are still as effective and promising as they were at the beginning. Surely there is one form of a guest article that really does not work well anymore today. But that’s not the way it is here either.

First and foremost, it’s important to focus on blogs and websites that publish your guest articles that match your topic. The more popular these pages and blogs are and the more traffic they have, the better your own chances. You should also make sure that the content you provide for it always delivers a certainly added value and is written in high quality. Then you will also delight readers who may want to see, read and buy more of you. Link building per guest article may be a traditional method, but it is also a technique that will surely work in the next few years.

A particularly important point for the positioning of guest articles is also that it needs a large network in order to be able to network with the corresponding site operators and publish the guest articles there. SEO Route GmbH has an enormous portfolio of site operators, including major online magazines. So if you need help distributing your guest articles, we’ll be happy to help. A message via our contact form is sufficient and we will contact you and discuss the next steps.

Strategy 3: Link building through forum links

forum links

This is another point that is especially appreciated by search engines like Google. Forums links are used primarily to generate link juice, which in turn results in traffic through the search engines. Therefore, it is enormously important for site operators to deal with the topic of forum links and to integrate forum links into the link profile of their own website. Due to the traffic generated by favourably placed forum links, the search engines are sent corresponding user signals. This can lead to the page reaching a corresponding ranking. Another benefit that forum links can offer is an increased number of visitors to your website. Are you a professional in a particular field and can provide people with some added value in the form of important information? You should look around in the appropriate forums and use there targeted links. This way, you can make the visitors aware of your website. But again, do not overdo it! Forum links should by no means degenerate into spam, because even that is noticeable and is not appreciated by search engines and the users themselves.

In addition, forum links can provide you with a completely authentic link profile. About 95% of the websites that were among the winners during the last Penguin update had forum links in the link profile. If you need help with the topic ” forum links “, we are happy to help and offer professional help from the beginning.

Strategy 4: Content Optimization and Dissemination

Content Optimization

Blog posts are still in demand and, properly applied, can generate a lot of traffic. Just a single blog post can be converted in different ways. From a single story, a single post, you can create many different posts that are derived like a branch from the main post. A blog post can be further developed by not only deriving further stories from it but by presenting the content of the blog post in different ways. These can be:

  • videos
  • presentations
  • podcasts
  • infographics
  • Pictures in social networks

No matter which way you choose, a single blog post will provide enough material to make more than just a single post. Then it depends on how you distribute this content. Today, there are countless channels and paths available to you, social networks are just a fraction here, which can be used. Divide your content, presentations and other content targeted on relevant pages and spread your content. If you answer questions from users in specific forums, you can spread your blog posts there as well. If users in the social networks come across your blog post, who may be running a blog themselves, chances are that these users will voluntarily add a link from a post to their blog post.

Strategy 5: Link building with pictures

Link building with pictures

If you have already created a large number of images that you can call your own and that can be found on the Internet, it is quite possible that these images will be used by users without you having to pay for them or requesting permission to use them , And this is exactly where we put the advantage for you. How exactly is that possible? That works pretty easy! Go to Google Image Search and upload the image you want to know who is using it. Google will then show you all pages that use this image or a modified version of it. You can then contact the people who use your image without permission and agree with them that you will be linked accordingly.

Strategy 6: Link building using broken links

broken links

Broken links or dead links, as they are often called, are generally detrimental to the user experience. By clicking on a broken link, most users feel disturbed while surfing the Internet or their project is interrupted. Even search engines are not friends of broken links, because Google & Co. downgraded sites with many broken links after a while and no longer trusted. However, there are ways in which you can take advantage of Broken Linkbuilding. Use the smart way of broken link building! Any broken link you encounter will be the perfect link building opportunity for you. For any website that points to a broken link, you can inform the site operator and suggest that you replace the link with yours. He will be grateful that you have made him aware of this because he can handle such a possible ranking disadvantage. You can also use tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer to find other sites with broken links.

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