Web design in and around the M25

Websites Are Us will explain a little about working with our team and we may assist you in the development of your websites and in the provision of business opportunities.

We produce attractive websites that will captivate your audience; they will function well so that visitors enjoy the experience of looking for the information they require on your website. Your website is the shop window that attracts visitors to look inside.

Our websites are not only attractive, but they will display the information you have and the products to their maximum potential. As a website owner, you will not want your shop window tucked away in a remote village where there will be very little if any passing trade. As a website owner, you will wish to your website your shop window on display in the best possible shopping centre.

Only then can you rest assured that your internet shop window can be easily found by targeted searches, people looking for the information products or services that you have available for them. Search engine optimisation or SEO is the scientific application of techniques that will maximise the number of targeted visitors to your website. What better evidence can I give you than that you have found our website.

Our websites range from statical brochure websites to content management system website cms. A static website is an information web site that provides information on a subject of your interest or some products that you provide. In general, a static website does not lend itself to changes by the website owner, although we can update your website as and when required for a nominal fee.

A simple form can be included on a static website; this form can collect information such as visitors name and email address and contact details. This information will be forwarded by email to the website owner. Websites Are Us is essentially a static website although I do a course updated ourselves.

It has a newsletter to update people who subscribe to it on developments in website design and search engine optimisation. I capture visitors name and email address should they wish to subscribe to this complimentary newsletter.

Although Websites Are Us is a static website it has hundreds of pages with a vast amount of information. We can provide a search facility to allow visitors to your website to find the information they require within your website. I have teamed up with web designers and programmers in the Far East; this means that we can provide websites at offshore prices often 30 to 50% less than a typical UK web designer firm.

Website design in and around the M25

I enjoy attending meetings where I meet many business owners we discussed marketing and the potential of website development with them. And I often speak at such conferences on search engine optimisation and website design. I’m based in Loughton in Essex on the borders with London and within a reasonable distance of many places within and surrounding the M25. Naturally, most of our clients are based in London and Essex I don’t look after websites and search engine optimisation for clients as far away as the Americas and also Australia.

These days with the internet and also Skype there is no problem in having regular discussions with clients as we develop their websites. Video is becoming increasingly popular on the internet; it can boost your rankings on the search engines. You can introduce a little about your firm and your personality and why your website is different from anybody else’s.