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Website for Charity, Charitix | Nonprofit Charity WordPress Website

Websites Are Us is a one-stop shop for all your website needs. We create custom websites in our Essex workshop. Our websites include hosting, domain names and logos. All this without any contracts or monthly fees! The best part is that once you purchase Charitix | Nonprofit Charity WordPress Website, you can do anything with it, like update content or move to another host without any additional costs. This website is designed for a Charity type of website, but it can also be used for similar projects including, Cause, Charity, Donate, Donations, Foundation, Fund Raising, Gallery, Non-Profit, Nonprofit Theme, Organization, Shop.  Websites Are Us guarantees the fastest turnaround time in the industry and will work hand in hand with you to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

How to View the demo

Do you want to see this website in action? The demo content can be found on the Themeforest website, which also sells this website as a template. Please note our services come with a personal touch. We install the demo content or make the website to your specification, provide hosting and even an SSL certificate.

How To Buy This Website

If you have your hosting and only want the demo content installed, the cost of the website is on display. Should you require Hosting, Logo design or any extra services that can also be added on as an extra.

Websites Are Us is a company that offers Websites as a Service. We provide clients with ready-made websites that are up and running in minutes without any technical knowledge or programming skills required. Your site will come out of the box with hosting, logos, domain names and emails included — we do everything, so you don’t have to! Our website has 1000s of websites to choose from, all optimized for speed and SEO.

About the Charitix | Nonprofit Charity WordPress Website

Charity WordPress Website – Charity WP is perfectly built for charity, nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO), donation and fundraising campaign with outstanding and amazing features.

Complete Charity WordPress Website

With many years of experience in WordPress websites & plugins developing, a lot of time is invested to make Charity WP including research features and optimize UI/UX. This website has all necessary features for a Charity site: create campaigns/projects/causes, donation system, non-profit events, fund raising, crowdfunding campaigns for cause or charity group/organization, call for volunteers, vision and mission page, and many more. These features are built with super friendly UX which offer you the best experience ever of a complete Charity WordPress website.

6+ unique Charity Demos + Powerful Donation System for Charity + Lightweight Drag & Drop Page Builder + Data Portability + Pixel Perfection + UX optimized for Charity + Easy for branding + Events Management for Charity with Booking + Ultra SEO Optimization + Highly Performance Optimization + Multilingual Ready + Professional Mega Menu + Mobile-Friendly + WooCommerce Support + bbPress Support + BuddyPress Support + Frequently Updated + 5 STAR Customer Service

6+ Charity Demos plus 1 click Demo Importer

The Charity WordPress Website – Charity WP supports 6+ unique homepages which are designed in different styles and layouts. All of them are well-suited for charity organizations, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), donation and fundraising campaign.


Charity WP website comes with the amazing Demo Importer. This beautiful feature will do the website installation job for you straight out of the box. Just go to Tools > Demo Importer, and off you go!

Powerful Donation System for Charity

The most important feature of charity website is Donation System. The fundraising system of Charity WordPress Website – Charity WP is operated by the TP Donate plugin which has also been developed by ThimPress themselves. It offers you a strong possibility to create campaigns/projects/causes; a complete and available payment system with three popular methods: AuthorizeNet, PayPal, Stripe; and clear status of your campaigns/projects/causes, etc.

» Create unlimited Charity Campaigns/Projects/Causes

The Campaigns menu from TP Donate is made for separated plans/ projects that you want to call for donation. With every campaign, you can set up Goal & Raised, Compensate amount. Besides that, it is very easy for you to add a new campaign, categories or tags like a regular post for Campaigns. In front end, “Donate Now” button is displayed when you just hover the mouse, it helps your campaign to raise crowdfunding better.

» Easy to manage campaigns and their status

TP Donate also provides The Donate menu, it is built to fundraise for the whole site in which you can see ID, name, date, payment method & status for donations and information about donors or “Add new”. Moreover, the setting part is very smart with detailed settings on General, Email, Check Out and Donate to decide how will they be displayed in the front-end.

» Progress bar for campaign to keep track of donation

Progress bar is a very smart feature of Charity WordPress Website – Charity WP. It shows you donation’s status of a campaign and you can take information of campaigns quickly and precisely. Because that, you also can build plan to create campaign and change them reasonably.

Drag & Drop Page Builder – Easily Create Professional Pages with no Coding Knowledge

Some pre-sales questions arise when it comes to the Visual Composer page builder. None of the best selling premium WP websites use this heavy page builder, and neither do we. Charity WP uses the most popular, lightweight and powerful Drag & Drop page builder on the official WordPress plugins directory – SiteOrigin Page Builder. The website loads much faster because of this smart decision
Everyone knows that Google loves a fast loading website!

» Elementor Page Builder

Early May 2019, we have added Elementor Page Builder for Charity WP website. With Elementor page builder, you can even easier create and customize your pages with your design. Elementor is now one of the most popular and also fastest growing visual page builder for WordPress. It not only brings a completely different experience compared to old page builders, but also a great improvement in speed and performance.

Data Portability is necessary

Not every website cares this part, but WE DO because we know that: people sometimes want/need to update your website or change to the latest trending design instead of use the same website forever, but such changes can mean that you lose your precious data. With Charity WP, you don’t have to care this problem.

Pixel Perfect Charity WordPress Website

To bring professional charity site, Charity WordPress Website – Charity WP has been developed with pixel perfection. Just look at the live demos to see for yourself how detailed, elaborate and truly pixel perfect it is.

Branding your Charity Website without Coding Knowledge

With an easy and visual customization, you can brand your Charity website without Coding Knowledge, this work helps you spend more time on your campaigns/ projects/ causes.

Changing colors to match your brand: this Charity WordPress website comes with unlimited colors. You can change the appearance, according to your preference and your brand by thousands of way.

Select from 700+ fonts: 700+ fonts are available for you to choose from. Pick up any from the Google Fonts library to suit your own style.

Logo on pages pre-loading: we’ve created this feature for a better UI – page loading in Charity WP will never be annoying for users. You are free to change the logos as you wish.

Fancy Events

The helpful events plugin is ready to use, with an attractive countdown to events.

Event management: events are separated into Expired, Ongoing and Upcoming events, for full control and to make sure your users never miss out.

Selling Event Tickets: receive payments over PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net or Offline payment.

Create eCommerce site with WooCommerce

In case you want a shop feature for selling products, such as your crafts, keychains, or other wares for raising fund, Charity WP is ready for you. The website is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Fully Multilingual Charity Site & RTL Support

It is really easy to bring your charity site to a global market because Charity WP website fully supports multi-languages with WPML, Polylang and QTranslate. More than that, the website also supports Right-To-Left (RTL), in order to handle and respond to users who communicate with a right-to-left language.

Amazing Mega Menu

Charity WP uses Mega Menu to offer an amazing navigation experience for users because this menu can display many different options at a time. Icons, pictures, and typographical hierarchy can be used to make scanning easier. It also allows for efficient, hierarchical organization and grouping.

Mobile-Friendly WordPress Charity Website

This charity WordPress website is made with full mobile support, which means your site will not only display perfectly on the web but also on mobile. With a responsive design and retina ready display, your site will look awesome on any device. Users can see causes and give their donation on the web and their mobile devices as well. This function is sure to bring you more traffic.

Ultimate SEO Optimization

Using Charity WP is a great way to get your charity website ranked significantly higher on search engines. All titles, headings, and meta tags have been carefully optimized, just the way that Google likes it. Structured Data is implemented deeply, to make your site look appealing in Google search results. We have not only coded for blog posts, but for WooCommerce products and campaigns/causes/projects too.

Faster Loading for Better Google Ranking

From day one, we have been continually optimizing every bit of the code to make sure it has fewer requests, fewer database queries, less CSS & JS and loads faster. With new version, our highest priority is to find ways to make it better.

5 STAR Customer Service

Having been established since 2007, we understand that customer service is the key to success for the online business. You will be making a smart decision to go with Charity WP website for your charity website, and you won’t be disappointed with our customer service – GUARANTEED!

Frequently Updated Charity WordPress Website

See our Changelog for Charity WP to see how active we are in developements and improvements. You don’t want to use outdated websites, plugins with a careless design, performance or code quality. We never stop improving our products and services.


Charity WP 3.4.7 – 2021-Aug-16

Fixed: some minor bugs(for WP 5.8)

Charity WP 3.4.6 – 2021-Jul-21

Fixed: error html in archive testimonial
Updated out of date file WooCommerce
Fixed: some minor bugs(for WP 5.8)

Charity WP 3.4.5 – 2020-10-06

Updated: Remove thim_aq_resize

Charity WP 3.4.4 – 2020-10-06

Fixed: Can’t show description on Thim: Box

Charity WP 3.4.3 – 2020-08-28

Fixed: Can’t import plugin FundPress
Fixed: Change heading image in Customizer not works

Charity WP 3.4.2 – 2020-08-20

Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.

Charity WP 3.2 – 2019-06-06

– Update: Elementor.
– Change: aq_resize to thim_aq_resize.
– Fixed: Woocommerce short description.

Charity WP 3.1 – 2019-05-28

– Update: Elementor.
– Fixed: Lib js.
– Update: Lib SmoothScroll js.
– Update: Icon plugin in Dashboard.

Charity WP 3.0 – 2019-05-10

– Update: File language.
– Supported Elementor Page Builder (8 prebuilt demos ready).
– Improved Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0) compatibility.

Charity WP 2.7 – 2019-04-10

Fixed: PHP error when not active plugin Woocommerce.
Fixed: RTL style.
Update: File language.

Charity WP 2.6 – 2019-04-05

– Fixed: RTL style.
– Update: Lib Carousel.
– Added: Config time format Event.

Charity WP 2.5 – 2019-02-26

– Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.
– Fixed: Font weight not right.
– Fixed: Customize not show config Woocommerce.
– Fixed: Config single post hidden author and comment form.
– Added: Config hidden top image on page.
– Added: Config link target for widget button.

Charity WP 2.4 – 2019-02-12

– Fixed: Stripe error.
– Fixed: Error image widget thim: list post style 2.
– Updated: file language.
– Updated: lib js counter box widget.
– Added: Config donate loading image form popup.

Charity WP 2.3 – 2018-12-28

– Fixed: Installer Lib.
– Fixed: Link docs new version.
– Updated: File Language.
– Added: Email shortcode [donate_price].
– Fixed: Gutenberg Block color cover.

Charity WP 2.2 – 2018-12-26

– Fixed: Config Customize.
– Fixed: Out date Woocommerce.
– Change: Function aq_resize.
– Support: Gutenberg.
– Compatibility: Jetpack plugin.

Charity WP 2.1 – 2018-08-08

– Fixed: Comming soon.
– Fixed: Event widget style 2.
– Added: demo 7 and demo 8.

Charity WP 2.0 – 2018-03-15

Big updates

– Remove: Mega Menu.
– Remove: Plugin Thim Framework.
– New: Updated website use plugin Thim Core.
– New: Customize setting and live.
– New: Import by Thim Core full image and data use one click.
– New: Manage plugin and website.
– New: Login Envato update pentium website and plugin.

Charity WP 1.2.0 – Nov 14, 2017

– Added: Custom top image for each page.
– Updated: Plugin Thim Framework to new version.
– Updated: Plugin Thim Portfolio.
– Fixed: Out of date Woocommerce.
– Fixed: UI/UX.

Charity WP 1.1.4 – May 18, 2017

– Updated: Woocommerce 3.0.6.
– Fixed: Error Event Css.
– Fixed: Message Error Donate.
– Fixed: Template Donate (FundPress).
– Updated: Language File and translate text Events and Our Team.
– Added: Hidden text donate when none set date donate or date to 0.
– Fixed: Error when import and edit slider

Charity WP 1.1.2 – Feb 27, 2017

– Fixed: Plugin TP Event when update website.
– Fixed: Plugin TP Framework when update website.

Charity WP 1.1.1 – Feb 20, 2017

– Update: Plugin TP Event.
– Change: Plugin TP Donate to Fundpress.

Charity WP 1.1 – Feb 08, 2017

– Fixed: Menu Mobile.
– Update: Plugin TP Event.
– Remove: Plugin TP Event Auth.

Charity WP 1.0.9 – Dec 31, 2016

– Fixed: Choose category our_team widget.
– Fixed: Error gallery when not active plugin Woocommerce.
– Update: Plugin TP Donate version 1.0.8.
– Update: Use HTML in accordion.

Charity WP 1.0.7 – Nov 18, 2016

– Update: Plugin TP Donate version 1.0.6.
– Add: config tab active Event.
– Fixed: validate form popup.

Charity WP 1.0.6 – Oct 31, 2016

– Fixed: Plugin TP Donate in mobile.
– Fixed responsive mobile form donate.

Charity WP 1.0.5 – Oct 25, 2016

+ Fixed: UI layout Cause.
+ Update: Plugin TP Donate, TP Event, TP Event-Auth.
+ Fixed font family Icon-Box.

Charity WP 1.0.4 – Aug 26, 2016

+ Fixed: Issue conflict js with isotope.
+ Update: Plugin TP Donate.

Charity WP 1.0.3 – Aug 19, 2016

+ Update: Outdated some WooCommerce template files version 2.6.4.
+ Update: Plugin required.
+ Fixed: Option setup Top image in Customize.
+ Fixed: Double header image on single our team page.
+ Fixed: Widget Thim: Our team.
+ Fixed: Widget Thim: Testimonials.
+ Fixed: Widget Thim: Google Map.

Charity WP 1.0.2 – Jun 21, 2016

+ Added: Mega menu.
+ Added: Donation page (shortcode).
+ Added: Portfolio.
+ Updated: Demo data.
+ Updated: TGM Plugin Activation to the latest version.
+ Updated: Revolution Slider.
+ Updated: Thimpress Donate plugin.

Charity WP 1.0.1 – May 26, 2016

+ Added: Galleries with source post format gallery.
+ Fixed: Import demo data.
+ Fixed: Parallax effect.
+ Updated: Slider Home 2.
+ Updated: UX/UI.
+ Updated: Demo data.

Charity WP 1.0.0 – May 24, 2016

+ Release the first version.


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Charitix | Nonprofit Charity WordPress Website – Charity


Nonprofit Charity, Donation, Fundraising NGO
6+ unique Charity Demos & Donation System
SEO + Event Management System + Easy To Use

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    Within the service, we will:
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    7. Plugin for customization of admin panel

    Delivery time: one to two business days.

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    4. Add the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link to the footer.
    5. Add a form for site users to submit a request to download or delete their data stored in your site's database (e.g. user's email, user's comments and orders made through WooCommerce)
    6. Add a button for site users to delete their info from the site without submitting a request.
    7. Add Google Analytics opt-out option for users. 
    8. Create a Privacy policy page (with generic/sample text about using cookies, forms to submit data export and removal requests, etc.)
    9. Configure a site to prevent it from recording IP addresses of users who submit comments
    10. Add a GDPR checkbox to a comment form (with consent info stored with each submitted comment)

    GDPR checkboxes to ask for user's consent to all:

    1. Built-in theme contact and newsletter subscription forms
    2. WordPress and WooCommerce registration forms;
    3. WooCommerce checkout form (consent info will be stored in each order)
    4. Additional forms that are available in the template and allow users to submit info (which is either stored in the site's database or is sent to your email)

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Product Information

  • Release October 19, 2021
  • Last update November 11, 2021
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  • Categories Cause, Charity, Charity Charity, Donate, Donations, Foundation, Non Profit, Organization Charity