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For over a century, Darling’s Pharmacy has stood as a beacon of healthcare excellence in South Tyneside. Founded in 1905 by John Darling (‘JM’), it has been a cornerstone of the community, providing trusted pharmaceutical services. Websites Are Us had the privilege of crafting an online presence that reflects the heritage, commitment, and care that Darling’s Pharmacy embodies.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a website that not only pays homage to the legacy of Darling’s Pharmacy but also brings it into the digital age. The goal was to design a platform that encapsulated the warmth and trust that generations of South Tyneside residents have associated with Darling’s, while also ensuring a seamless and informative online experience.


Solutions we offered

Websites Are Us proposed a comprehensive solution that included website design, logo creation, and branding. The website design focused on showcasing the hotel’s facilities and services, with an emphasis on user experience and SEO. The new logo and branding were developed to reflect the hotel’s prestigious reputation and its location in Ireland’s oldest city.


The Process

Our team collaborated closely with Darling’s Pharmacy to understand the unique narrative and values that have defined the establishment for over a century. The website was meticulously crafted to capture the essence of family-centric care that Darling’s exemplifies. It provides visitors with a seamless experience, ensuring they can easily access information about the three branches, services offered, and the remarkable history behind Darling’s.

Darling’s Pharmacy


Today, Darling’s Pharmacy’s online presence stands as a digital extension of the legacy that has served South Tyneside for generations. Websites Are Us takes immense pride in contributing to this enduring institution. The website not only pays homage to the heritage of Darling’s Pharmacy but also provides a platform for current and future generations to access the trusted care that the Darling family has been synonymous with for over a century.

We are confident that the website will continue to be a vital bridge between Darling’s Pharmacy and the South Tyneside community, ensuring that the legacy of compassionate and reliable healthcare endures for generations to come. Websites Are Us looks forward to creating more impactful digital experiences for businesses with rich histories and deep community connections.

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