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Case Study: Empowering the Nail Industry with Euro Nail Supply

Euro Nail Supply, a renowned supplier of nail products across Europe, sought to expand its reach by establishing an online presence. Websites Are Us took on the challenge of creating an e-commerce platform that not only showcased Euro Nail Supply’s extensive range of nail products but also provided a seamless shopping experience for both professionals and wholesalers.

The Challenge

The challenge lay in creating an online store that reflected Euro Nail Supply’s commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. The website needed to cater to a diverse customer base, from individual nail artists to wholesalers, while ensuring an intuitive browsing and purchasing process.

Solutions we offered

Our team of experts delved into understanding Euro Nail Supply’s brand values and its dedication to serving the nail industry. We began by designing a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website that showcased the vast array of nail products. Additionally, our branding expertise was utilized to create a visual identity that resonated with Euro Nail Supply’s ethos.

The Process

The process commenced with a comprehensive analysis of Euro Nail Supply’s target audience, product range, and industry positioning. Collaborative consultations ensured that the website’s design, layout, and functionalities were aligned with the brand’s values. Our developers implemented a robust e-commerce platform, complete with secure payment gateways and an efficient order management system. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure seamless performance across devices.

Euro Nails Supply


The result is a dynamic and responsive e-commerce platform that caters to both individual nail artists and wholesalers. Euro Nail Supply’s diverse customer base can now browse, select, and purchase nail products with ease and confidence. Websites Are Us is honored to have played a part in Euro Nail Supply’s digital journey, and we remain committed to supporting brands in their online endeavors.

This case study exemplifies how Websites Are Us combines expertise in website design, branding, and e-commerce to empower industry leaders like Euro Nail Supply in the digital landscape.

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