Shopify Theme Installation Service

Complete Shopify Installation, Theme Installation, Plugins Installation, Demo Data Setup, Setting up Theme Options, Adding the Logo, Blog Posts, Add content in Pages and Widgets.

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This service is ideal if you bought a Shopify theme and are a novice in WordPress that requires assistant in setting up your new Shopify website. Do more of what you want and let us do all the rest.

Shopify Theme Installation Service

Shopify Installation

Besides a fresh copy of Shopify, we’ll make sure you’ll get the right editing permissions to upload images, videos, plugins with no hassle. We’ll configure your links structure for optimal site structure.

Database Setup

You’ll get everything set up on your hosting service to be ready for a fresh Shopify. You start clean and avoid future headaches.

Shopify Theme Installation Service
Shopify Theme Installation Service

Theme, Plugins & Demo Data Installation

We will install the theme and the required plugins to take full advantage of the product’s features. Moreover, we will configure the demo data so your site looks just like advertised.

Documentation & Customer support

We’re watching your back by being transparent and sharing every step of our process in a detailed document. You’ll also have direct access to one of our customer support fellows who will walk you through everything and answer all your questions.

Shopify Theme Installation Service

Get the Shopify theme installation service and let us do the hard work

Have your new website up and running in no time.

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When it comes to Shopify themes, you can find free and paid themes. Although there is not an official repository of free Shopify templates, there are several websites like Theme Forest that offer free Joomla templates. It’s worth mentioning that finding the right topic could be a bit tricky considering there are no extensive filtering options.

Themeforest website

You can filter and view themes based on category so you can easily see nothing but themes for sites or choose to focus on magazine, e-commerce, portfolio or a different industry. Or browse through 1000s of templates using our theme template searcher.

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Need help with Shopify Theme Installation setup or customisation?

The way of consuming and buying products and services has undergone changes in recent years. Today, physically going to a store is just one option. In fact, it is a form that, if we compare historically, has been losing a lot of strength.

This is because technology has been able to add more and more valuable as a means of buying and selling services, and above all, products. Only in 2017 1.66 billion people bought online, which represents over 21% of the world population.

Today there are several tools that help companies to sell online and that offer a complete and pleasant experience to the end customer. The tool that carries the worldwide reference title today is Shopify, follow the post to understand how it can help your business.

Types of eCommerce

Before you understand what Shopify is, let’s show you here some eCommerce formats for you to start – or optimize – your business in digital media.

Ecommerce for physical products on Shopify

This is perhaps the first model that comes to people’s minds when it comes to eCommerce. The online sale of physical products is already part of the routine of millions of Brazilians. Today you can buy from clothes and cell phone cases to cars and real estate. All safely and without leaving your home.

In 2017 more than 21% of the world population bought something over the internet

Shopify offers several templates for you to set up your virtual store of physical products and also helps you to appear among the first results of Google. A good example of eCommerce for physical products made with the Shopify platform is Black Hold, which sells high-quality products to photographers.

Ecommerce services on Shopify

Another well-known eCommerce format is the online sale of services, which can be provided 100% online or physically.

An example of a fully digital contracted and rendered service is that of a designer to create a logo, for example. As an example, a service contracted online to be provided in person, we can mention the work that the staff of Pet Anjo does. Hiring the service of a dog walker, for example, online and receiving the walking service for your dog in person.

Dropshipping on Shopify

A less known format for the general public, but which is gaining more and more space is the dropshipping model. This business model is exclusive for e-commerce, that is, it does not work for businesses that do not operate in digital media.

Dropshipping is a very common format among Shopify customers that allows the retailer to offer more products and options without having to physically have these products in their inventory. In practice, it works like this: the shopkeeper makes his products available on his website and as soon as a customer makes a purchase, he buys the chosen product through a supplier.

If you think about creating an eCommerce in the dropshipping model, you will certainly have as your main supplier the oriental giants like Aliexpress for example.

And if you think that the logistics and operation of a dropshipping eCommerce is very complex, you can rest assured. Shopify has templates and integrations that make this whole process automated.

There are several other ways to work with eCommerce, but now that you understand better how some of the main formats work, let’s get to it: Shopify

Ecommerce tools: how to sell online

Anyone who wants to set up their eCommerce, be it service, product or dropshipping, will need a platform to manage their website, products, logistics and all other business procedures.

And as we commented here, Shopify is the world reference platform for creating e-commerce . We’ll show you why.

Shopify features and benefits

Among so many options on the market, why is Shopify so prominent?

Easy to use

It is useless for a platform to offer several features, to be super complete if the usability is complex. Shopify is able to offer a wide range of features that are intuitively available and applicable, making the user experience (UX) much more pleasant.

Optimized for SEO (ranking in Google)

When compared to the main competitors, Shopify delivers a much more optimized configuration for the parameters analyzed by Google’s algorithm.

In addition to the default platform configuration, Shopify also makes it possible – and gives you tips – that you can easily define which keywords each of your products will appear when searched on Google.

Design and flexibility

Focusing, once again, on the end customer experience, Shopify invests heavily in design and UX.

The possibilities of structure and layout of your eCommerce with Shopify are endless. The platform offers thousands of templates (pre-defined themes) with a wide range of alternatives.

Payment methods

There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure, or even giving up on a purchase because you don’t trust your data – mainly financial – in the company on the other side of the screen, right?

With Shopify you won’t have to worry about that. The platform works with more than 10 external payment processors in Brazil, such as Paypal, certified credit card systems, bank slip, among others.

Integrations and APIs

We often need to consolidate or automate systems from different providers and we end up having to import information manually or do the same job twice. With that in mind, Shopify allows you to develop integrations and APIs to have all your processes automated, working together.

Websites Are Us is official partner Shopify and has a team of highly trained professionals to develop APIs and integrations to optimize its operation on the platform.


Monitoring the evolution of your sales, knowing which products and pages you have the most access to is essential to apply optimizations and improve your business numbers. Thinking about it, Shopify offers a complete list of reports for you to understand, in fact, what has been working or not in your eCommerce.

Shopify Values

For you to be even more sure that Shopify is, in fact, the best tool for you to create your eCommerce, the platform offers 14 days free. After this period you can choose which plan fits best according to your profile. Shopify’s initial plan is $ 29.00 and features unlimited products.

Websites Are Us and Shopify: how we can help you

Websites Are Us is one of the official Shopify partners here in the Uk and besides having the know-how of the tool, it can also help you in other ways:

Shopify integrations and APIs

To make the customer’s experience and management even more complete and organized, we often need to work with more than one system. Whether for logistics, finance, CRM  or for other systems and processes.

If you still have that need to keep doing rework to keep your systems aligned, Websites Are Us can certainly help you. We have a team with knowledge of the Shopify platform and with a development bias. Avoid rework and create APIs to integrate your systems and automate processes.

Shopify and CRM Bitrix24

Keeping in touch with a warm customer and prospecting leads is proven to be a great way to improve the results of any company. We have already commented some times here on our blog as Bitrix24 can assist in this work.

The Bitrix24  is a suite that has, among its 35 tools, with a CRM powerful and easy usability. With it working together with your Shopify you can:

  • Send customized and automated email marketing campaigns
  • Have a historical record of your customers’ behaviour
  • Segment your audience according to your interests
  • Automate operational processes
  • Manage chats via the website, Facebook, Instagram and others in a single environment
  • And much more

Shopify store maintenance

If you have worked with any digital platform in the medium / long term, you know that it is not enough to commit to the creation of a website or eCommerce. To keep your platform stable and optimized, you need to do recurring maintenance.

Only then will you eliminate all bugs and small errors that can harm your positioning on Google (bad SEO practices) and improve the experience of the end customer, who will feel more comfortable to complete a purchase.

What is eCommerce?

An eCommerce is nothing more than a virtual store. It is a digital environment where it is possible to buy and sell products or services, which can be physical or digital.

Why have an eCommerce?

The way of consuming it has changed – a lot – in recent years. For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is online and in 2017 alone more than 21% bought online.

Having a business presence in the digital environment is undoubtedly a matter of time for any and all companies.

What is Shopify?

The Shopify is a platform – a global reference – that helps you to put your virtual store plans into practice. With it, you can create your own eCommerce in a matter of minutes, through thousands of templates.

What types of eCommerce are there?

There are several digital business formats. The best known and most popular are the sale of products or services offered online or in person.

However, there are several other forms of eCommerce such as Dropshipping. We explain each one of them here in the post, run there to see!

What forms of payment does Shopify have?

Shopify has more than 10 external payment processors in Brazil. Go up here in the post and learn more.

Shopify benefits

  • Platform with better SEO optimization (better positioning on Google)
  • Possibility of extensions and integrations (Learn more here).
  • Intuitive usability for administrator
  • Pleasant experience and design for the end customer
  • And much more, go up here in the post to read everything!

How much does Shopify cost?

For you to know more about the Shopify platform interface, it is possible to do a free trial for 14 days. From this period, you can choose from the available plans, with monthly values ​​starting from $ 29.00.

Shopify Websites Are Us Services and Consulting

We here at Websites Are Us are partners officially licensed by Shopify. We offer consultancies, develop APIs, integrations, maintain your Shopify and much more.

Interested? Talk to us here.

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